Thursday, 20 June 2013

quickest,easiest & most effective way to download videos from youtube

This tip  is so chill which I right now discovered plus it solves the purpose perfectly for YouTube video downloading which you really care also would wish to save on your Desktop  for afterward use while not online.

So, here's how one can download youtube videos by means of this "ss" trick.

No 1:- Pop in Youtube right now and simply play any YouTube movies that  you stumble on of use.
No 2:- Run the video moreover as it's still playing now go & type ss for example. "ss" in video of the youtube leaving immediately http://www.
iii). Now push enter & it will lead you immediately outside youtube to another web site where you would get a lot of different things to choose from.
4. I advise everybody to take advise through this video
No 5:- Decide on your youtube video type file also format for the youtube video and click copy button and the video downloading process will start

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Advantages one to aspect with this way:

No 1:-  It is free to utilize.
ii). Nearly zero percent of risk involved any money loss.
iii). capable to download just any video..
d).This method not just performs best on this but as well on additional youtube video distribution websites.
No 5:-If any video gets downloaded by entering"ss" in youtube video url is really cool for me.

Losses of using this "SS" trick for downloading videos::

1. The just one and that's that this can barely get restricted size youtube video files which are less than 200MB within total size.

Friday, 7 June 2013

how to upload images on google | How to upload pictures to google images...

Hey people, guess what? There is no secret behind how to upload images on google  . Uploading images on Google is very simple and it only takes less than 5 minutes for the whole setup to get ready and it's free. Google charges you no penny for hosting all your images to Google secure server and believe me the images which you upload on Google are never shared with anybody without your permission and you have full control over how your images should be shared and who should get access to see your pictures online.

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So How actually can one upload images to google images?

To upload images to google images so that when somebody searches on Google for your images by typing in the name directly on google images search bar, the results which Google displays has your picture as well.

  • Open and type in picasa web albums.
  • picasa web albums is a small piece of software used for organizing and storing all your images in a centralized location.
  • Download the software and install it on your system.
  • Store the images in picasa default folder on your system.
  • Syncronize the folder by logging in to your gmail id.
  • Now make albums and list them as public.

Monday, 13 May 2013

how to delete facebook account 2013 | how to delete facebook- permanentl...

Published on May 13, 2013
How to delete facebook account 2013- Really Want to know how to delete your facebook account, then this is the video you must watch.

Personally I am against permanently deleting facebook accounts but I can understand that sometimes facebook account becomes a heck in our mind and we just want to shut it down at any cost and in those cases deleting facebook account is a wise decision and for those guys out there who just want to delete there facebook account at any cost, I am there to help. Infact beside watching this video on how to delete facebook account, if you still don't get it right, I am definitely gonna help you out and together we gonna figure out how we can solve your problem.

So,exactly how can i delete my facebook account?

Well, this video will show you how exactly you can delete your facebook account and even after watching this video, If you don't get it, then I am there to help you in the comment section below. Plz let me know where you didnot get me.

If,facebook account gets deleted, Is it permanently deleted?

yes, If you decide to delete your facebook account, then the account is deleted forever and can not be retrived later. So be cautios when deleting the
fb account.

permanently delete facebook account
how to delete facebook account 2013, how to delete facebook- Learn to permanently delete facebook account
Wanna Know how to delete facebook account permanently? Watch this video to know the simplest and easiest way to delete FB account permanently.

how to upload video on youtube 2013 | how to upload a video to youtube -...

Published on May 8, 2013
Learn how to upload video on youtube 2013 in order to put a video on YouTube - Must Watch. yes, If you have started thinking about uploading videos on YouTube then guess what, it's one of the best decisions of yours so far and I can understand that this is your first experience with YouTube, so it must be like scratching your head to come up with a video in order to upload. Well, I can't tech you how to come up with a video but In this video, I am definitely gonna teach you how to upload a video to YouTube.

Uploading video's on YouTube is simple and easy and only requires you to login to YouTube dashboard interface and use the upload option to select a video from your computer and start uploading it.

Some questions:

Is uploading youtube videos tuff?

No, it's not tough at all.

Will youtube charge me for uploading video's on youtube?

No, they wont and IS free for everone and is available in all countries.

Can I just upload any video on youtube?

Yes, you can upload any video which you own license to upload.

Is it possible to make money from making youtube videos?

Yes, it's possible and every star including youtuber's do make money by just putting their videos on youtube.

How to Make Money Online by Uploading Your Video on YouTube?

Youtube will show ads on youtube videos and you will make money evertime someone watches that ad.
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Friday, 19 April 2013

YouTube to mp3 converter

This video is so helpful. Awesome video. If you are looking for downloading YouTube videos in mp3 format then please watch the below video because it's the best YouTube to mp3 converter. This is a free website which has got in build YouTube converter.